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This site was created as a starting point for Canadian immigration resources on the web. Many Filipinos want to go to Canada, knowing why but not knowing how. Immigration lawyers and consultants, as well as recruitment firms, charge an arm, a leg, and sometimes even more, just to get one's application, and sometimes one or all of the parties involved isn't even qualified. So before you go to a consultant or a recruiter, study your options by visiting the websites below. We'll be adding more links as we see fit to provide more options for prospective workers or immigrants.

*** We are not a recruitment agency. We do not advertise anywhere. Do not send us your resumes. ***

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)
CIC is the main source for all immigration information. Whether you are applying under Federal Skilled Worker, Temporary Work Permit, Live-in Caregiver, or Provincial Nominee Program, go to the CIC website first. If you're a permanent resident of Canada, you can also find information on applying qualified relatives under the Family Class, as well as guidelines for acquiring Canadian citizenship.

Canadian Embassy Manila
Information for fees, temporary resident visa (visitor visa) and Philippine-specific immigration requirements can be found here.

Manitoba PNP - Strategic Initatives Stream
If you do not have any relatives in Canada but are qualified to immigrate as a skilled worker (under pre-Feb. 27, 2008 occupational requirements), the Strategic Initiatives Stream of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program may be considered. Read further to know the criteria and procedures for this program.

Quebec Immigration
If you would have qualified under Canada's Federal Skilled Worker before Feb. 27, 2008, but are currently not qualified because your occupation is not included in the current list, it is still possible for you to be invited by Quebec. Even as they have almost seceded from Canada at least twice before, they are still very much a part of Canada, and you only have to promise to learn French (you will be forced to, because that is the standard language there).

Pinoy2Canada (P2C) Forum / Bulletin Board
When you're in the middle of your application process and get stuck with something, visit the P2C forum and find your answers. Dozens of de-facto consultants, who actually made it through the application process (or have been denied), might be able to answer your questions. But remember: CIC may change the rules at any time, and whatever worked before might no longer work today or in future.

Pinoy2Canada (P2C) Yahoogroup
The Yahoogroup version of the P2C Forum.

POEA Job Vacancies by Country
For Filipinos seeking Temporary Work Permits, search under Canada and choose among the available job openings. Contact the recruitment firm directly. Using this search engine also verifies that a company's job openings are legitimate. When you have stayed long enough in Canada under a TWP, you can apply for permanent residency from there.

Service Canada Job Bank | Monster Canada | Workopolis
Some jobs are so in-demand that employers would be willing to get HRSDC approvals to import their employees. These approvals (aka positive Labor Market Opinions) cost time and money. If you are still in the Philippines and are hoping that this would happen to you, visit these job search websites today. If you're already in Canada and are looking for a job, you can use these sites anytime, and they will never run out of opportunities for you.

Canada Weather
Check this site regularly to see how cold your target destination can be. Historically, Vancouver is a "warm" place to be in, but some people will opt to go where their work or relatives are, thus many Filipinos can be found in Toronto, Winnipeg, and Calgary.

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